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Henry Ford-Chooch

Henry Ford

As far as philanthropy projects, Ford distrusted organized charities. He preferred to give small gifts to individuals in spontaneous acts. Ford gave most philanthropy face to face with a firm handshake. He and his wife created Valley Farm, which is an 80 acre farm for orphan boys. He also paid for two work camps for boys during the Great Depression and much more. Ford is seemed to have donated 33%of his income to philanthropy.

Ford was an anti-Semitic who printed racist editorials in his newspaper which he startedfor the purpose of spreadinganti-Semitism.

He greatly admired Adolph Hitler.

Ford was an industrialist and an innovator. He had self confidence, risk-taking abilities, and showed a lot of leadership.

Ford transformed the automobile from an invention to an innovation of technology. He came up with a better, cheaper motorcar which he named the Model T. To build these cars, he developed the moving assembly line for automobiles. also, in January of 1914, he virtually doubled wages to $5 per day.

What did he do?

I think that Henry Ford was an incredibly smart man, who did great things for the world and for America.

Ford's accomplishmentschanged culture forever,putting the world on wheels.He helped industrialize America in the way he produced his invention.

Henry Ford was the only American mentioned by name in Hilter's autobiogrphy Mein Kamp.


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