[2014] Blake Brennan (Mrs Hineman): Henry Ford

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[2014] Blake Brennan (Mrs Hineman): Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863, and grew up in a farming community in Dearborn, Michagan.His parents were very demanding that he and his 6 other sibilings complete their chores.Henry didn't enjoy chores, and was always looking for easier ways to complete tasks.Later, after he he saw a steam powered engine, he moved from the farm to Detriot. He studied inventions and got married to a girl named Clara. He then took a job at the Edison company, and in his spare time, worked on a gas powered engine. He soon made a gas powered engine,which he put in his own car, the Quadricycle. He decided to make a company, the Ford Motor Company, and contined to make cars in this company.But he decided after making the Model T, that the car needed to be made in a shorter amount of time. He made an assembly line. Things were made much faster. Hery was a hard working man, and died in 1947 on April 17.


1863 - Henry Ford was born in Dearborn, Michigan.1879 - Henry moved from his father's farm to Detriot.1888- he married Clara Jane Bryant.1891 - he took a job at the Edison Illuminating Company in Detriot.1893 - his son, Edsel, was born.1896 - he drove his first car, the Quadricycle, for the first time. 1901 - he defeated Alexander Winton in a exciting race at Grosse Pointe racetrack.

Henry Ford invented the Model T, the first car ever affordable for most people.Henry also started his own company, Ford Motor Company. Ford made many different cars.In 1901, on October 10, Henry won a race against one of the best racers of the time, Alexander Winton.

Lasting Impact

Henry has affected this world by making an affordable car with a price of $250, and inventing assembly lines; a fast way to make cars.


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