[2014] Oakl Issac (Mrs. Fink): Henry Ford

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[2014] Oakl Issac (Mrs. Fink): Henry Ford

Henry Ford's CareerFord was hired to Edison Illumination Company as an engineer in 1891. In 1893 he worked on gasoline engines. He completed his self-propelled vehicle and named it Ford Quadricycle in 1901.He stared Ford Motor Company in1903.

Henry Ford1863-1947

Highlights of his early lifeHenry Ford was born in 1863. He grew up on his fathers farm.When he was 15 his father gave him a pocket watch and he figured out how to disable it and reassemble it. He also learnd about steam engines and how they ran because his friends worked with steam engines. Taking a risk he left his fathers farm to work as an engineer.The next two and an half years, he was moving around to find good jobs.

Important ContributionsFord made the first car that American could buy and own. This was his main goal.He started the first auto moving assemble line.Interestion InformationFord was fired from his first job.He built his first engine in the kitchen and mounted it on the kitchen sink.


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