Henrique e Juliano

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Henrique e Juliano

Born: Palmeirópolis, TocantinsGenre: Sertanejo

Henrique e Juliano

They have since childhood with his father's incentive has always supported them.They began performing in the city of radios arriving up to perform for a large audience interpreting and dubbing the successes of the band "Mamonas assassinas". In 2012, they signed a contract with the agency artistic company Show Work.

Henrique & Juliano began to appear even more strongly in 2013, when they released their first DVD, in which came out a few songs that stood out as "Mistura louca", "Recaídas" and especially "Tô valendo nada", which was one of the songs the biggest highlight of the past year.

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2012: Henrique e Juliano (ao vivo);2013: Ao vivo em Palmas;2014: Ao vivo em Brasília;2014: Ao vivo em Brasília (Deluxe).



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