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Henrietta Dugdale

Henrietta was born on May 14, 1827, London United Kingdom.

In 1852, she moved to Australia with her husband, a merchant navy officer named J. A. Davies.

He died soon after, and she remarried the ship’s captain William Dugdale in 1853.

Henrietta's involvement with womens rights started when she wrote a letter to Melbourne’s Argus Newspaper that was published in April 1869.

Along with Annie Lowe, Henrietta founded the Victorian Women’s Suffrage Society in 1884. It was the first of its kind in Australia.

By 1886, the society had almost 300 members.

In 1883, Henrietta published a book called A Few Hours in a Far-Off Age

Henrietta was 75 years old when women got the right to vote in Australia, in 1902. She died at age 91 in 1918 at Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

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Fact FileFull Name: Henrietta Augusta Dugdale.Born: May 14, 1827, London, United KingdomOccupation: Suffragette, FeministDied: June 17, 1918, Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

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