[2015] sasha dornevil (6th Grade 15-16): Henri Matisse

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[2015] sasha dornevil (6th Grade 15-16): Henri Matisse

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The Dessert: Harmony in Red

"Madame Matisse (The Green Stripe) ,1905"

"The woman with a hat"


The Joy Of Life ,1905-06

"Luxe , Calme et Volupte 1904-05

Henri Matisse was an Impressionist artist like Matisse”s Fruit and Coffee painting was impressionism .Impressionism is a style or movement in painting originating in France in the 1860s, characterized by a concern with depicting the visual impression of the moment, especially in terms of the shifting effect of light and color.Matisse is also known for his Fauvist period like his painting the open window.

When Matisse suffered from an acute attack of appendicitis when he was young, he used his paintbox that his mother had given him to copy landscapes. Also Paul Signac influenced him to do art because Signac believed that pictures should be filled with color and Matisse wanted to do that. He also had a frenemy with Pablo Picasso like when Matisse described Picasso and himself to Gertrude Stein. He hit on a particularly dodgy paradox, for although the North and South Poles are antitheses, the icescapes surrounding them are indistinguishable. Matisse apparently wanted to emphasize that, while he was very much a man of northern France, Picasso was very much a man of southern Spain. Indeed, there seems to have been a magnetic pull between them, a yin-yang polarity that allowed for a constant shift in the roles of giver and taker, leader and follower, hero and antihero. After seeing this show in London, I think of them rather as opposing deities: Matisse as Apollo and Picasso as Dionysus.

Matisse painted this way because he saw that all the Impressionist artwork was very new and vibrant.

In 1905 Matisse, Derain and an assembly of others earn a reputation as Les Fauves in reaction to the wildly emotional, dissonant works exhibited at that fall's Salon d'Automne. Among the works is Matisse's "Woman with a Hat," purchased by American writer Gertrude Stein and her art-critic brother Leo.


Henri Matisse


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