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Hemophilia Genes Hemophilia Awareness Video

Signs and Symptoms... Most common symptom of Hemophilia is bleeding. In mild cases it may go unnoticed until surgery or severe cuts. In severe cases, bleeding may occur without any cause. Bleeding in joints is common and there may be some internal bleeding. Most times Hemophilia can not be seen unless the person gets a cut, has a bleeding episode, or has a family history of the disease.

History Of Hemophilia... The earliest written references are in Jewish texts of the second generation A.D. The word Hemophilia comes from the two Greek words 'haima' which means blood and 'philia' which means infection.Today's description of Hemophilia is accredited to Dr. John Conrad Otto. However, the first word Hemophilia appears in books written by the German student Hopff from the University of Zurich.

Diagnosis... If you appear to have a bleeding problem, your doctor will take your personal and family medical histories. You will also likely have a physical and a blood test. Blood tests are used to find out how long it takes for your blood to clot, whether your blood has any levels of clotting factors, or whether one of the clotting factors is completely missing from your blood.

Treatment...The main treatment for Hemophilia is called 'Replacement Therapy'. Concentrates of clotting factors are slowly dripped or injected into a vein. Clotting factors consist of human blood that has been treated to prevent the spread of diseases. You may have Replacement Therapy on a regular basis, called 'Prophylactic Therapy' or you may only need it as it occurs called 'Demand Therapy'.

Additional Information...Hemophilia can result in joint swelling, bleeding in the head or brain, damage in other organs, or pain. Death can occur if the bleeding cannot be stopped or if bleeding occurs in vital organs such as the brain or heart. Some famous people who have Hemophilia include Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President, Mother Theresa, a famous Christian, and Ganghis Khan, a famous Mongol who conquered during the 1160s-1120s A.D.


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