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PreventionAvoid taking aspirin and nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs.Get vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine.Administer factor VIII or IX on a regular basis, to help prevent bleeding and joint damage.

CausesOccurs when you have a defeciency in clotting factors A, B, or C.By a mutation in the gene for factor VIII.Bleeding symptoms arise because blood clotting is impaired.

StatiticsOccurs in 1 in 5000 male birthsThe world wide incidents is estimated at more than 400,000 people.

Symptoms-Large skin bruises-Uncontrolled bleeding-Frequent nose bleeds-Blood in the urine

A rare disorder in which your blood doesn't clot normally.

Risk Factors-Genetic abnormalities are passed down from parents to their offspring.-Clotts form slower.-Linked to cancer, amune disease, allergies, and pregnancy.

Treatment-Regular infusions of clotting factor-Clot preserving medications-Physical Therapy-Fibrin Sealants -Vaccinations

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