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Symptons The symptons vary dependiong on how serious the case is. If you had a mild of Hemophilia, your symptons would be:Have “many large or deep bruises” (Mayo clinic) “Pain, swelling or tightness in you joints” (Mayo clinic)Bloody nose without a reasonIf you had a very serious case, like ER serious, your symptons would be:“Sudden pain, swelling and warmth in large joints, such as knees, elbows, hips and shoulders, and in your arm and leg musclesPainful, prolong headache(s)Repeated vomiting Extreme fatigue Neck pain Double vision” (Mayo clinic)

What is it?"Hemophilia is a rare disorder in which your blood doesn't clot normally because it lacks blood-clotting proteins". There are three types of Hemophilia, type A, B and C. (Mayo Clinic)

There ins't much of a allele mutation, it's where you don't have enough blood-clotting proteins. Type A and B are passed down by the X chromosome, so A boy cannot get it from his dad. Therefore he can only get it from his mom, and studies show that women who have Hemophilia are just carriers. Type C can be passed down by either parent, and can occor in boys and girls. (Mayo Clinic)

Hemophilia is commonly found in boys/men ages of 0-40


How do doctor diagnose Hemophilia? They take blood test that will show if you enough blood-clotting fators or not. (Mayo Clinic)

Can Hemophilia be cured? No, it can't, but it can be treated. For a mild case of type A, all you need is a "slow injection of the hormone Desmopressin in a vein". That will release more blood-clotting factors, to temporarily stop the bleeding. For moderate to severe cases of type A or B, bleeding could stop after one infusion, but if bleeding is severe, you will need more that one infusion. For the more rare type C, the missing blood-clotting factor can only be found in Europe. (Mayo Clinic)Therefore, if you are not in Europe, you will need plasma infusions. A infusion is where you take the blood of a healthly person then insert the blood into the vein(s) of a patient with Hemophilia.

Cope/Support To cope with hemophilia, you could get a medical bracelet, talk with a counselor, or just let people know about your condition. Some of the things people who have Hemophilia have to deal with everyday include:“Exercising regularly, avoiding certain pain medications, avoiding blood thinning medication, and practicing good hygiene”. (Mayo Clinic)The support that is available for parents in basically have your child stay active and make sure he is injury free. Not so hard.

TreatmentsThere are two treatments for Hemophilia. The preferred one is replacement therapy. That is where you take human blood that doesn’t have Hemophilia and insert it into the blood stream of a patient that has Hemophilia. The other treatment is Recombinant Factor Concentrates. This is where doctors take hammer cells, found in animals, and insert it into human blood. The hammer sells produce blood clotting factors quickly, therefore helps the patient with Hemophilia. Doctors aren’t focusing on finding a cure yet. Hemophilia is rare, as stated earlier, so doctors and scientists are focused on finding cures for more common and deadly diseases and viruses. The two treatments they try, are really effective, so they don’t really need to find another treatment. (Hemophiliafed)

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Jobs for genetic mutationsGenetic engineering where you work with genetics. You do mainly two things: one, you can change what makes up a call in your body, or two, take a cell or gene from a different organism and insert it into a new organism that doesn’t have that cell/gene. With this career you work with not only humans, but also with animals. (Ucsusa) Another one is genetic counseling. They are health professionals, with specialized college degrees and experience in the medical genetic and counseling field. What they do is talk with people about risks, side effects, stuff like that with people who are being tested to see if they have a mutation. They also discuss family records and history to determine if more testing is needed for other mutations or diseases. (Explore Health Careers)

This is how type A and B Hemophilia is passed down.

I'm not showing type C Hemophilia because it can be passed down by either parent and any child can get it.


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