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Iron Overload

Inheritance- Mendelian trait- Autosomal recessive- HFE gene (6p22.2)- C282Y and H63D- Controls the membrane protein hepcidin, which regulates iron absorption

What Is It?- Genetic disease of iron absorption- Too much iron is absorbed- Caused by a genetic mutation

What Can Happen?- Too much iron stored in organs- Damage to heart, liver, pancreas- May cause cirrhosis, arrhythmias, diabetes, heart failure, and cancer

What Does it Look Like?- Appears later in life- Joint pain, fatigue, weakness, skin discoloration, loss of libido, and diabetes

Testing and Treating- Tested for with blood tests, MRIs, liver testing, and genetic testing- Treated with routine phlebotomies or chelation medication

Who Gets It?- Most common genetic disease in Caucasians- Not always apparent- 1:100 are affected- 1:8 to 1:10 are carriers- More pronounced effects in men




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