Hemingway's Memior

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Hemingway's Memior

Evaluation of the memior

Theme:Even in the face of poverty, a life of abundancy can exsist.Poem: "Poverty is the blessing of the GodPoverty can stimulate our inner instinctPoverty can make us realize what we needPoverty can make us absorb in our dutyPoverty can make us think properlyPoverty can make us reach our goal easilyPoverty can make us realize what life is.Without poverty the society does not get successWithout poverty the society is in unveiled dress.In poverty the poets can fly higher! Poverty gives the saint a divine touch! 'Tis poverty that inspire a scientistPoverty helps to shun worldly pleasures, 'Tis poverty that helps to aspire.Yes, it is good to avoid povertyBut a little poverty should remain forever!"-Pijush Biswas

Theme and Poem:

Talking about Love and Death with Ernest Hemingway

A Moveable Feast is a collection of anecdotes Hemingway adopted during his time in Paris. These short tales paints vivid and evoking portraits of several of his literary friends, Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, his wife, and the city of Paris in the 1920s. In all, the memior encapsulates the trail and tribulations of a young ambitious writer in the Parsian city and all the people in between. Nevertheless, it just as much conveys Hemingway's true sadness.

Ernest Hemingways memior, "A Moveable Feast"


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