HELP! Can You Save Fred (SEPUP activity 1)

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HELP! Can You Save Fred (SEPUP activity 1)

Purpose: To review the concepts and effectiveness of one-way vs. two-way communication.

Discussion:1. What was the most difficult part of this experiment? Why was it hard?2. What was the easiest part of this task? Why was it easy?3. What emotions were you feeling when you were attempting to save Fred?Why do you think you felt these emotions? What helped to calm your emotions?4. Which do you think worked better in this experiment, attempting to save Fred on your own or talking with your partner and sharing ideas? Why do youthink it worked?5. Which is better for us to use in class, one-way communication ortwo-way communication? Why?

HELP!!!!Can you save Fred?

Class Discussion :1. How did you accomplish putting the life jacket on Fred?2. What did you and your team member discuss as options in getting thelife jacket on Fred?3. How did you and your team member feel when trying to put the jacket onhim?4. What advice would you give for future students who will perform this lab?

Fred has been spending his summer boating on the great lakes. But he’s not too bright (after all, the brains of worms are pretty small.) He’s never learned how to swim and he never wears his life preserver. The worst has happened! His boat has capsized and he’s stuck! Fortunately, his life preserver is in the boat, but unfortunately he does not know how to reach it without falling off and drowning.

Problem:How can you and your partner save Fred using only paper clips? You may not touch Fred, the boat, or the life preserver directly with your hands.



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