Helmuth Hubener - The Boy Who Dared

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Helmuth Hubener - The Boy Who Dared

The Boy Who Dared is all about the life of Helmuth Hubener and his friends.Thier story happens to take place in Germany during the Holocaust (and the Third-Reich). In the beginning they were swept up in all the parades and the good things but the joy slowly was wiped away to reveal the misery the Jews were going through and so, they (Heluth, Karl-Heinz, Rudolf) dared to listen to the BBC radio station and to spread the truth of the war using information from the radio and leaflets that they made. they did so because they couldn't believe that everything the Nazi sayed about the Jews could be true.They broke Nazi laws of Illegal radios, "enemy" propaganda leaflets, and breaking the curfew. The book is only 165 pages but the authors note manages to add about 30 more pages and there in that part of the book I cried.


1925-Helmuth is born1935-LDS boy scouts banned 1941-Helmuth becomes an apprentice 1942-Helmuth was arrested1942-Helmuth was executed 1945-End of WW2

What I found is that words are very strong exspeciality ones of the truth but not everyone is willing to listen beacause they don't want to know what their doing and what they have been doing is wrong.

Conections to The Book Thief

In both the Book Thief and the Boy Who Dared the is a strong connection to the power words. They both have stong main characters and the way the story is told is quite similar they both give you the ending around the beggining.


The Boy Who Dared bySusan Bartoletti

sumary of the book


The Call

My veiw on the book is that it's a wonderfully written and a well told story filled with facts and truth about Helmuth's life and I definatly recomend it. It Tells you the end at the beginning but by the time you get to the end your shocked by how much more meaning it has.

the book is in 3rd-person


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