Hell's Angels

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Hell's Angels

*If one member is pulled over by the police, the entire group will pull over with him. -they do this because when the Angels go on a ride they have a particular order they ride in, and one being pulled over would disrupt this order.*No women in the gang. -To become a member the person must be male and at least 21 years old.*New members give an oath to obey the Hells Angels "code"


Hells Angels used to be a counterculture, when they first became a group. They had deviant behavior and were always pertrayed as negative. Today, they are more of a subculture because they fit into society. They don't go against society as much as they used to, and their norms are more accepted in today's society than they were in the 1960's. They do things that people normally do in todays society, such as donating to children and veteran groups.



*A group will never go out together without their winged death's head patch on the back of their leather vest/jacket. -They do not take their jackets off unless they really need to. ~if they do take it off, they give it to another member.*It is an understood, not written, law that members of Hells Angels ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Evel Knievel vs.Hells Angels

Otto Friedli is creditted with starting Hells Angels on March 17th, 1948


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