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Halloween - a modern holiday. Celebrated on October 31 , the eve of All Saints. Halloween is traditionally celebrated in English-speaking countries, though the official day off is not.Most characters have a long history of the holiday . For example, the tradition of pumpkin - lamps. To celebrate the Halloween dress made ​​popular costumes of the characters of classic horror films such as The Mummy and Monsters Frankentshteyna . In the festive decoration of houses play an important role symbols of autumn, for example , the village bogey. The main themes of Halloween in death , and evil monsters . The traditional colors are black and orange.

Tradition food

Because the holiday falls during the harvest of apples , most hellouinskih sweets based on apples . Specially prepared for the celebration apple caramel apples in syrup , apple toffee .In addition to a variety of sweets , there is a traditional bread barmbrek , which is made in Ireland for different holidays, especially for Halloween . When preparing the dough festive barmbreka hid peas, wood chips , a piece of cloth, a coin and a ring. Popeye consumer item predicted the future : peas - do not wait for ambulance wedding sliver - trouble in family life , a piece of cloth - poverty, coin - wealth, ring - a quick wedding . In keeping with this tradition now sold barmbreki with toy rings inside.


Apart from begging sweets and wearing a variety of costumes, the celebration of Halloween is also associated with some specific games and fortune telling.



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