Hellenistic Sculptures

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Hellenistic Sculptures

Hellenistic sculptures are sculptures made by the Greeks during the Hellenistic period (culture left behing by Alexander the Great).


They were used as decor for building and temples. Most of the art represented Gods. The sculptures captured moments by exspressing emotion, and showing religion and moral values. The art used naturalism.

Hellenistic Sculptures


The sculptures were normally white marble statues that were carved. The sculptures would differ in their composition, but they all had one thing in common, exaggerated details. The sculptures potrayed events that actually happened and the emotions that went along with them.


These sculptures started a new art form that could potray emotion, and it changed the way we view the human body.

The hellenistic sculptures started a tradition of making them for religious and political reasons. It showed the drama of real life experiences. It made the greeks more educated and therefore they evolved. These sculptures spoke for a diverse audience therefore they were very popular and a huge achievement for the Greeks.

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