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Hellen Keller

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Helen Keller came upon a tragedy in her life. Anne Sullivan died on October 20, 1993. Many people thought Helen was going to close up and lose her courage. But she didn't. She felt bad that Anne died but she knew she had to move on.

Helen Keller learned to read and write by using the system of the Braille alaphbet. She used Braille by touching her fingers over the raised bumps . Each raised bump had either two or more bumps depending on the lettering.

Helen Keller could do anything. She wrote books and many people said she was a good thinker. She gave speeches and brought courage to people. This girl had dreams. But before she was two she lost her sight and became deaf. She was quoted saying "I feel entirely shut off from the world." She felt hopeless and she wouldn't let anyone near her untilshe got help from a teacher named Anne Sullivan. Anne Sullivan was her hero, without her help she couldn't have learned to read or write. But as she was growing up she realized that there were few deaf and blind people who learned to speak and read and write. But that didn't stop her. She overlooked that and pushed through her tough problems.


Helen Keller had many things she accomplished. One of those things was she helped the American Overseas Foundation for the Blind. She also started the Hellen Keller Fund and raised 2 million dollars. She wrote books and got them published. One of her books was The Story Of My Life in 1903. She also wrote The World I Live In in 1908. She wrote 7 books in total.

Helen Keller


She brought courage to other handicapped people. Wherever she went she inspired people to open to the world and don't give up.


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