Hellen Keller

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Hellen Keller

Fourtunately Helen Keller was a young heathy girl. Unfourtunately when she was two she got very sick. Fourtunately she almost died but she did not she lived. Unfourtunaetly she was blind and deft.

Fourtunately someone came to help Helen with her tantrums. Unfortunately Annie the one who came to help her well Helen did not like her. Fourtunately they became more fond of eachother. Unfortunately the news reportees would split them up.

Helen Keller

Fourtunately Helen and Annie became best friends. Unfourtunately Annie died after a while sadley.


  • rubyromantic 6 years ago

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    I really like how you have pictures of her when she was younger and older.

  • oliviacrowder 6 years ago

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    I think yours is very well organized and very colorful and descriptive.