[2015] LuciaKim: Hellen Keller

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[2015] LuciaKim: Hellen Keller

Helen Keller was a person who was deaf-blind. Annie Sullivan taught Helen the ways of life. Later in her life, Helen goes to Radcliffe College where there are people who can see. When Helen was older she works for the American Foundation for the blind. On June 1, 1968 Helen passed away.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller is very energetic and and a hard-worker. She never gives up. She really is inspirational to the blind, deaf-blind, and the people who are able to hear and see. She is also very caring and smart.

My Opinion About Helen Keller

Helen was famous for being the first person who was deaf-blind to speak and write. She also was famous for being the first deaf-blind person to graduate from a college that can see and hear.

What Helen Was Famous For....

Helen was a person who was determined to do things. She had lost Some people over her life time but went on with life. She was an inspirational for the blind and deaf-blind. She spoke to them saying anything is possible. She was a hard- working person where ever she went. She never gave up on things.

Describing Helen Keller

By,George Sullivan

Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880. She was born at Tuscumbia, Alabama.

Helen had many accomplishments in her life. One of them is graduating Radcliffe College. Radcliffe College is a college where there are students that can hear and see. Her second accomplishment is working for the American Foundation for the Blind.


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