[2015] BrooklynLong: Hellen Keller

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[2015] BrooklynLong: Hellen Keller

June 27, 1880 inTuscumbia in a village in northwestern Alabama Helen Keler was born. Helen was a bright child and leared afew words, and toke her first steps by her second brithday. When Helen was two years old she became very ill. Soon she got better but her parents noticed something was wrong. Helen never closed her eyes even when her mother bathed Helen and when someone called her name she didn't answer, thats when they realised Helen was loseing her ablaty to see and hear. Helen said "When I awoke and found that all was dark and still, I suppose I thought it was night, and I must have wonderded why day was so long coming. However ,I got used to the silents and darkness that surronded me, and forgot it had ever been day." Soon Helen's father took her to see a docter, he said Helen would never she again. But told hele's father to she Alexander Graham Bell. He told him to contact the Perkins Instition for the blind in Bosten. They conntacted the school for the blind in Bosten.The Kellers receved a letter the from the school that said ,they found a teacher for Helen. Helen's father said he would pay Anne Sullivan (her teacher) 20 dollers a mounth to teach Helen. After the long train ride from Bosten to Alabama, Anne took a carrige to get to the Keler's house. The next morning helen had her frist lesson.later helen and anne moved into the little house next to the main house. Helen begin to iprove little by little , before long Helen's tantrums were gone and her want to learn grow. Helen leared brail and wrote letters to the kids in Bosten at the perkins instutotion, and said she would vist them. Before Helen's 8th brithday she whent to bosten and visted the girls there at the perkins instution.

Helen Keller Child Hood

Helen is very smart. The reason I say is is thought out her life she did not want to stop learning. For example when she was little she learned the alfebet in one day. Hard-working. I think this is she wanted to be able to speak when she couldn't see the person's mouth moving or hear what eneyone is saying. Last, fisty. I think she is fisety because, whenshe was little her tantrums were freecent.

Three Words about Helen

Helen became a strong woman. In collage at Radcliffe she wrote her frist book and became the frist deaf-blind woman to graguate collage.In 1918 Helen stared in a silent movie about her self,and since she was not able to talk it was not a problem.Helen also meet evey president from Gorver Cleveland to John f. Kennedy.

Helen Keler


Helen's father Captin Arthur h. Kellerserverd with the Confederarte army during the cival war, he was 20 years older then his wife Kate Keller. She had Northern roots. Arther was born in Massachusetts. Kate Keller was Arther's second wife becuse the frist one died.

Heler Kelers Parents

AUTHORGeorge Sullivan



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