[2015] GabrielRamirez1: Hellen Keller

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[2015] GabrielRamirez1: Hellen Keller

BOOKHelen KellerBy:Gabriel Ramirez

Hellen keller was born on June 27,1888 in Tuscumbia,Alabama.She went to college at Radcliff.Hellen was know for making many acompishmens in her life.One of main acompishments in her life was that she was deaf blind and still learned to speak and write.I most admire about her.Hellen taught me that if I say I can't do it,I can do it.Hellen has taught a lot of people to believe and try things you have not done before.Hellen inspired me and many people, and hopfuly inspires you!

5 Facts

Helen Keller was deaf blind.Hellen had many dissabilities and had an active life.She showed the world there were no bounderies to courage and faith. In 1888 Hellen goes to the perkins istitustion for the blind.There she took pictures with the other students their.Hellen tells the other students about her home in tuscumbia,alabama. In 1887 Anne Sulivan comes to tuscumbia,alabama.To help Helen.Anne was her helper fo a long time.How hellen taught her she did sign launguage into Hellen's hand. Hellen keller she enters radcliff college in 1900.She was the ownly deaf-blind person their and the first to go to college.At radcliff Anne has to spell out word for word on Hellen's hand. In 1903 Hellen Keller comes out with her first book "The Story of My Life".The Hellen came out with other books like "The wold I Live In",Out Of The Dark,My Religion and Midstream.

3 words that describe her

The 3 words that describe Helen are Stubborn,powerful.and inspirational.I chose those words because Helen is stubborn.If she can't do something she will keep on trying until she gets it.She is very powerful because when she was younger she would do someyhing that she wasn't supposed to do but she did it anyway.Helen was very inspirational,She was deaf-blind and wrote 19 books and learned to speak.

Hellen Keller is famous for many things.The main thing she is famous for is she was deaf-blind and had an active life.Hellen had no bounderies for courage and faith.She was deaf-blind and published 19 books.Hellen learned to speak and write.She gave lectures all over the country,and also went on many adventures around the world and met many people.

What she is famous for?

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Hellen Keller


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