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HistoryThe first evidence of helium was found August 18th, 1868. A french astronomer named Jules Janssen saw a bright yellow line around the sun during a solar eclipse, although he didn't have a clear idea of what it was. Years later, Sir Norman Lockyer noticed the same yellow line, but he realized that it was an element. He named it Helios ( greek name ) it translates to Helium in English. In 1882, Luigi Palmieri detected helium on Earth, his discovery led to many more tests by other scientists.

UseHelium is used for inflating blimbs, blowing up scientific and party balloons, helps deep sea divers have a nitrogen free atmosphere ( along with oxygen ) to prevent a disease caused by pressure, and finally helps test super conductivity.

About HeliumAtomic Number: 2Atomic Weight: 4Element Category: Nobel gasesGroup: 18Period: 1Physical & Chemical PropertiesMelting Point: -272.2 (c)Boiling Point: -268.93 (c)Density: 0.0001785g per cm2State at room temperature: GasColour: None Odor: NoneTaste: None

Fun Facts-When helium is inhaled, it changes the human voice to a higher pitch for a short period of time.-It's not gravitationally bound because of how light it is. - In 1928, helium was sold for the first time

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