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Chemical Elements

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Atomic Number: 2Atomic Mass: 4Melting Point: -458*F Boiling Point: -452.1*FNumber of Protons/Electrons: 2Number of Neutrons: 2Classification: Color:

HeliumSymbol: He

Facts- Helium is the 2nd most abundant element in the universe- -Helium is one of only two natural elements that has never been observed bonding to another element in a compound. The other element is neon. -Helium is a member of the noble gas family.

Facts--Helium is so light that Earth’s gravity is not strong enough to hold on to it. When helium atoms are released into the atmosphere, they rise until they escape into space.--Helium was discovered in the Sun’s atmosphere before it was closed. You have to get found on Earth.

Facts-- In 1928 helium became available on the open market for the first time.--Helium exists in Earth’s atmosphere only because it is constantly resupplied from two sources decay of radioactive elements on Earth, and cosmic rays, about 9% of which are high energy helium nuclei.

Discovery of Heliumwho?Pierre Janssen was a French astronomerwhen?1868where? He was observing a solar eclipse in India when he noticed the yellow spectral emission lines of the element.

Compounds- Helium does not have compounds because it's electrons are already full.- Helium is an inert gas and does not easily combine with other elements.- There are no known compounds for Helium.

Common uses- Helium gas is used to inflate party ballons or even scientific ballons.- It is also used for an inert shield for arc welding, to pressurize the fuel tanks of liquid fueled rockets.


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