Helium is awesome!

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Helium is awesome!

Here's a helium dirigible!


HISTORYIn 1868, French astronomer Pierre Janssen observed a solar eclipse in India. He noticed emissions of a gas.Later, an English astronomer named Norman Lockyer saw the same thing, and called the gas Helium, a derivative of Helios, the Greek word for sun.

FUN FACT: Most noble gases do not bond very well, but Helium is one of the elements that has never been observed in a compound.

APPLICATIONSHelium is used in balllons.Helium is a common coolant for superconductors in MRI scanners.Helium is used to pressurize fuel tanks

Pierre Janssen

Lewis Dot Structure

WHERE IS IT FOUND?Helium is very abundant throughout the universe, but it's rare in Earth. It is created as radioactive decay, and we can find it in underground pockets of natural gas.

Atomic Model

STATSNonmetalNoble GasColorlessAtomic Number: 2Mass: 4.00602 uMelting Point: -272.2*C Boiling Point: -268.9*CInsulator2 Protons2 Electrons2 Neutrons

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