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I am reading a book called Juvie. The main character is Russ. He is completely inasint and does not think that he belongs in Juvie. There are many rules that you have got to follow. Juvie is not fun, most kids who are in Juvie did something really bad or they have a mental problem because they have spent so much time in Juvie thay they dont get good. I didnt know that you have body guards that actually have guns. Even though they try not to use them. And if you try to escape from Juvie you get put in the hole which is like a jail cell but your all by urself and you have got to stay longer in Juvie, same with if u try to punch out a jail guard. I know for sure that i would not like to go to Juvie an after reading this book i learned alot of things i never knew about Juvie. Its really good book and i recomand reading it. :)

Helina Purdy =)Helina Purdy=)


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