Helen of Troy

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Helen of Troy

Helen Of Troy

Who Won?After many long years the Greeks stood vicorious! But they would have not won without Odyseuss, the king of Ithaca, and Athena, the godess of wisdom and war because they came up with the idea of the trojan horse. One day, the trojans noticed that the Greek soiders were not outside the walls of Troy. All they saw was a huge wooden horse outside the gates. They thought that it was a peace offering from the Greeks saying that they surrender, but what the trojains didm't know was that the inside if the horse was hollow, and that hundreds of Greeks soliders were inside of the horse. The trojans open their gates and had a huge celbration. But that night when everyone was asleep, the Greeks jumped out of the wooden horse and burned the city of Troy th ashe. Helen returned to Sparta that night and had a very happy life.

How It All Started Helen of Sparta, to some the most beautiful women in all the world. But most people know her as Helen of Troy for it was her that the war between Troy and Greece that was fought. One night a man named Paris came to her palace and Helen instantly fell in love with him, for Aphoridte had put a spell on Helen. Paris toke Helen to troy and she became a prisoner there.

Helen's FamilyHelen had few family members. But she she had a god on her side. Her Father was Zeus king of all gods. She also had a stepfather who was the king of Sparta, and a stepsister named Clyemnstra. Her husband was king Menelaus

Fun Facts-The most beautiful women in the world in ancient Greek times-Aphrodite promised Paris her love.-Her father is Zeus the king of the Gods.-Paris is the son of King of Troy Priam.-She is the Queen of Sparta where she lives.- Her symbols are the Golden Apple and the wooden horse.

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