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Helen Kellner

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1886 - Went blind and deaf1886 - Met Alexander Graham bell1887 - Anne came to help helen1888 - went to the white house1892 - Published a book called "The Frost King"1900 - Entered Radcliffe1903 - Published "The Story Of My Life"1929 - Helen writes "Midstream"1936 - Anne dies!1968 - Helen dies!

Went blind and deafAnne came to teach HelenWent to the white houseMet Alexander Graham BellMoved to a small cottage with AnneHelen helped Anne wash dishesFinished college in 3 years(first deaf and blind person to do this)

“Never give up, before giving your best in all what you face”. These were some of Helen Keller's clever words. Helen Keller never gave up during her hard life of facing disabilities and living in her silent world. Helen Keller was born on June 27,1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her life was filled with many challenges growing up without vision or hearing, and yet she continued working toward helping others overcome their disabilities. She lived a long and meaningful life until she reached 87 years of age. She died on June 1, 1968 in Easton, Connecticut in her sleep.

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Helen Keller


About Helen

Early years

Helen Keller grew up as the only child getting all of the attention. When she was just five years old she had made over 50 different signs to communicate with her family. In 1885 Mildred Helen’s sister was born, she was no longer the only child and got jealous that her mom spent more time with Mildred then with her. When she was 6 years old in 1886, she went both blind and deaf. In that same year, she met Alexander Graham Bell, a speech therapist and the inventor of the telephone, and they became long life friends. In 1887, Helen noticed that something exciting was happening. Anne, a special teacher, came to guide her throughout her life and help her learn. Helen soon learned to read and write. It took a while, but she never gave up and she kept trying. One day, Anne claimed that a “miracle” happened. Helen was washing the dishes and helping Anne clean. This was a major thing in Helen’s life because she had never done this and she was really starting to learn. Soon after, Anne and Helen had moved into a small cottage together. In 1888, something surprising and unexpected happened! Both Anne and Helen were invited to the White House by President Grover Cleveland! He wanted to learn more about this young girl who learned how to read and write even though she was deaf and blind. He had a hard time believing this was true until he saw it with his own eyes. In 1891 when Helen was only 11 years old, she wrote a book and it was published in a magazine! Helen loved writing books when she was both a child and adult. Helen’s childhood influenced her adulthood as a writer because even though she was blind and deaf and barely knew how to read and write, she eventually learned how to read and write with Anne’s help and her own determination and hard work. When she was just a little kid, she always wrote down her thoughts and was always practicing reading and writing. This helped her because when she was older she wrote many books that were published as a book or in a magazine.

Helen prepared for being an author by writing her thoughts and what she felt when she was little and learning with Anne. She was a political activist and advocate, and a fundraiser growing up. Some of the books she wrote were “The Story Of My Life”, “Light In The Darkness” also known as “The Religion”, “Three Days To See” and many more.Helen had many jobs for a living but she was mostly an

Helen Keller has affected other people in the world because she was blind as well as deaf but still helped other people with the same disabilities. “We can do anything we want to if we stick with it long enough.” This quote shows that Helen Keller encouraged other people to stick with their dreams. Helen influenced other people in the world in a positive way. She did this by never giving up and influencing other people in the world by encouraging them to try their best and to never give up because she failed a couple of times trying to learn how to read and write, but never gave up. Helen was the first deaf and blind person to finish college. This affected the world because even though she might be a little different she still finished college when she was blind and deaf. That was one of her major accomplishments. She was also the first “deafblind” to write a book. This affected the world because even when she had disabilities she still accomplished a huge goal and encouraged other people. I choose Helen Keller because I have heard about how she was so brave even with disabilities and always put others before her. I was fascinated by her and she inspired me so I choose to learn more about her. Helen did inspire me and others too. She inspired me because she was both blind and deaf and she still accomplished many goals, never gave up, and stuck with her dreams. This taught me to stick with my dreams long enough and to never give up. For example Helen Keller followed her dreams to go and to finish college, another example is she never gave up reading and reading because she failed a couple times but never gave up. Same with others she gave others the power to be their best and to never give up. She mostly inspired others with the same disabilities because she gave them strength and hope. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This quote shows courage and teamwork.

Helen Keller is famous because she helped other people around the world with the same disabilities. Helen was a very thoughtful, caring, and kind person because she put other people before her. Helen Keller was mostly an author throughout her life.

Helen keller had a wonderful family. Her dad fought in the civil war for the south. After his first wife died he remarried a woman named Kate Adams. Her dad also had owned a farm. Helen’s mother, Kate Adams was a beautiful young woman. She was twenty years younger than her husband. Helen’s only sister was Mildred. She was born in 1885 when Helen was five. Helen was jealous when she was born because her mom gave Mildred all of her attention because Helen was used to getting all of the attention when she was the only child.

When Helen Keller was a child her only friends were her dog and a young servant named Martha. Helen loved playing tricks on her mom. For example once she locked her mom in the pantry room with keys that she had found. Helen once got sick and could of died. She made up signs for everyone in her family when she was just 5 years old. Helen was once playing with Martha and they both cut off each others hair. Helen's mom was not too happy. Helen was a very hard working girl because she studied non-stop, day and night to get into college, and she did.

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