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Helen Keller


Helen Keller's mother was Kate Adams Keller and her father was Captain Arthur H. Keller. Helen was the oldest child followed by Phillips Brooks, and her only sister, Mildred. Helen also had multiple half siblings. They lived together in Tuscumbia, Alabama until Helen moved in with her teacher, Annie Sullivan.

Determined - Helen never gave up on trying to communicate with others. Nothing stopped helen from going to college.


Character traits


A trellis- Helen's "breakthrough" happened at the water trellis in Annie and Helen's backyard. This is where she finally understood her first word.

Smart - Helen When she became blind she was barely two years old, yet she adapted quickly.

Hands- .Helen relied almost completely on her hands. From communicating, reading, finding where she was and what objects were, she was able to do these with her hands.

Helen was taught how to use sign language, what things are, and what actions were by Annie Sullivan. At 16 years old she went to the Cambridge school for Young Ladies. She later went to Perkins school for the blind for a few years. Helen was accepted into Radcliffe college at age 19 and graduated at 24 with honors.


-Being blind and deaf, it was very hard to communicate and to compehend what things are. Helen was only 19 months old, so she couldn't find ways to connect the correct hand signs to the object and what it does that she was trying to learn. -At this time there were very little antibiotics, so there was no known cure or treatment to Helen's disabilities. -Helen's family was not rich, and their town was still recovering from the cicil war. This made it hard for Helen's family to find a good teacher and go to countless doctors in search of help for Helen.


Helen Keller passed away June 1, 1968, at 87 years old from natural causes.


Helen would read and write alot as she grew up,and later published multiple books.


Curious- Once Helen felt confortable about Annie, she never stopped asking questions about what things are and what they do.

Books- education was very important to Helen, and she never gave up on graduating, no matter what brought her down.


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