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Helen keller

Hellen Keller(Biography by Sarah Klein)

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BiographyHelen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27th 1880. She became sick with meningitis and as a result became blind and deaf. At age 6 Helen met Anne Sullivan, Anne Sullivan became her teacher and taught her words in sign language. Even though she could not see or hear she began to sign, the ony problem she did not undertand that all things had a name or what the words she was signing ment. Helen learned all this when Anne put one of her hands under the pump of water and signed into her hand.

Important EventGot sick meningites and became blind and deafGets Presidental Medal of Freedom

InterestingsFactsShe had one older brother and one younger sister.Her teachers name was Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan

Helen Keller

Helen's father Aruther

Helen's Mother Kate Adams


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