[2015] Lena Ahn: Helen Keller

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[2015] Lena Ahn: Helen Keller

Helen Keller book by Geoge Sullivan,and report done By Lena Ahn

Helen keller made many accomplishments she made 7 books, and played in movies,lean how to read,write and learn brallie, meet every United states president,She raised more then 1 millon dollars for the American Foundation for the blind , and worked in a vaudeville play. She graduates Radcliffe college, travels all over the world , and won several awards around the world. Even though she is blind and deaf she could do what a regular person

What I amire about Helen Keller is that she never gives up . She has a fiery spirit which helps her speak to everyone and is never ok with wars. For example when the USA wants to have a war with Japan, Helen said no. Also she cares for the army and helps people in need. She is the hero for the blind and deaf.

Helen Keller is famous for her spirt for others and her hard work. In the book she made a lot of money for the Blind Foundation and had a happy life even though she is blind and deaf. She will ne known as Helen Keller

Five facts about Helen keller -Helen keller was deaf-blind and blind.-Helen keller had a teacher named Anne sullivan.-Helen keller played in movies titled 'Delivernce' and 'The Miracle worker'.-Helen keller had a career in vaudeville with Anne sullivan.-Helen made and published, The story of my life,The world I live in,out of the dark,My journal,My religion,Midstream, and Anne Sullivan Macy.

Three words that describes Helen keller-Determined to do better, and by everyone to listen to her.-Hard working to go to Radcliff college and learn braille.Also work in movies and write books.-Inspirational to the world from her accomplishments, and for her spirit to the world.

All about Helen KellerBirth date1880birth placeTuscumbia, alabamaWent to college atRadcliffe college


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