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Heist Society

Heist Society SummaryThe book Heist Society is about a girl and her family are theifs. She just wants a nomal life. But when her dad gets accused for a crime he did not commit. But he isnt just a suspect on the list they say he is the list. She needs to find the culpret. Kat then realizes the only way to prove her dad is innocent is by stealing the painting back. She gets a teenage crew, two weeks to get the stolen artwork and a very useful talent in her family. But is that enough?

Main Charecters:Katarina BishupHaleTeenage CrewHer FatherThe Theifs

Heist Societyby Ally Cater

Heist Socity Tralior

exsamples:For her seventh birthday her uncle Eddietook her to Austria to steel the crown jewls and they didn't get cuaght.When she was fiveteen she planned a scam of her to get herself in the best boarding school in the country hopeing to leave the family buissness behind. Although it was hader then she exspected. Sudenly out of nowhere comes her formal best friend Hale he tries to bring Kat back to a life she once tried to escape.

Heist Soceity page 51

Stolen Painting

There are a lot of reasons whyPeople come to Las Vegas. Some want toget rich. Some come becuase they want toget married. Some want to get lost, and othersfound. Some are running to. Some are running from. Kat always belived Vegas was the town where almost everyone was hoping to get something for nothing-an entire city of theifs.


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