Hedgehog project

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Hedgehog project


Hedgehogs have spines that completely cover their back. Hedgehogs grow to be nine inches tall. Its weight is around one and a half pounds. They have short legs, ears and tail but a long nose. Hedgehogs nose's are called snouts that they use to hunt insects.

10 Hedgehog Facts:1. They spit on themselfs2. A Hedgehogs cough dosn't mean it is sick3. Hedgehogs do scream if they are in danger4. Hedgehog make very good pets5. Hedgehogs are nocturnal6. Have poor eye sight7. Hedgehog mating season is between March and July8. When Hedgehogs spit on themselfs it can last for twenty minutes9. Not many things eat a Hedgehog because of its spines10. A hedgehog gets three sets of spines

Hedgehog....Movment: Hedgehogs move a lot in their life. Once a Hedgehog is a month old it can move away from its mom and move around all they want.Growth: Hedgehogs don't change. They just grow. A Hedgehog's eye's and ear's open when their third set of spines come in.

More Hedgehog.....Diet: Hedgehogs mainly eat insects, snails, mice, birds, frogs and lizards. Hedgehogs suprisenly can eat bees and wasps. Cool, huh! Hedgehogs also have been known to eat posinous snakes.Food Chain: A Hedgehog eats insects, mice, birds, ect. Somethings that eat a Hedgehog are a great eagle owl and a fox. So it would be in between there.

Even More Hedgehog....Offsprings(babies): A baby Hedgehog's first set of spines are soft and white. Those spines fall out in the first two or three days of life. The second set of spines are darker and harder. After two weeks they fall out. When their permenit set of spines come in, their eyes and ears open too! When a baby is a month old it can get out of the nest and follow its mother. Not much longer after that they can leave the nest for good.

Hedgehog adaptions: Climate adaptions for a Hedgehog is hibernation. Environment adaptions are developing sevral defense mechanisms and a heightened sense of smell to detect food.

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