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Hedge Fund Manager

What Kind Collages You Should Go ToFact 1: A good business school is Harvard University Fact 2: Also a good school is Stanford University Fact 3: University of Pennsylvania a very good school Fact 4: Oxford Business school is great Fact 5: University of California is amazing Fact 6: UCLA is a very good schoolFact 7: A&M is a good school for business Fact 8: Columbia is also very good school


What Does A Hedge Fund Manager Do?Fact 1: A hedge fund manager oversees and makes decisions about the investmentsFact 2: Hedge fund manager must consider how to have a competitive advantageFact 3: a hedge fund clearly defined investment strategy, adequate capitalizationFact 4: A hedge fund is an alternative investmentFact 5: A hedge fund is an alternative investmentFact 6: Many hedge funds also use an investment technique called leverage, which is essentially investing with borrowed moneyFact 7: hedge fund managers are typically compensated differently from mutual fund managers.Fact 8: hedge funds are typically open only to a limited range of investors.

Some Of The Richest Hedge Fund Managers Fact 1: Steve Cohen net worth is at 12 billion and he is worth 1.2 billionFact 2: Ray Dalio net worth is 15.3 billion and he is worth 1.2 billionFact 3: George Soros net worth is 24.5 billion and he is worth 1.2 billionFact 4: William Ackman net worth 2.6 billion and he is worth 1.1 billionFact 5: Ken Griffin net worth is 6.9 billion and he is worth 1.1 billion Fact 6: James Simons net worth is 14 billion and he is worth 1.1 billion Fact 7: Larry Robbins net worth is 2.3 billion and he is worth 600 millionFact 8: Abdreas Halvoersen net worth is 2.8 billion and he is worth 550 million


Hedge Funds You Can Go Into Fact 1: Bridgewater AssociateFact 2: Man GroupFact 3: J.P. Morgan Asset ManagementFact 4: Och-Ziff Capital Management GroupFact 5: Paulson & Co.Fact 6: BlackRock AdvisorsFact 7: Winton Capital ManagementFact 8: Highbridge Capital Management

Conclusion Fact 1: there are a lot perks being a hedge fund manager Fact 2: you can earn a lot of money when you are a hedge fund managerFact 3: you have to have a very high educationFact 4 you can enter several hedge funds Fact 5: the is a lot of options that you can takeFact 6: you have to go to great collagesFact 7: if you like money, hedge funds are the way to goFact 8: all in all, you have to work hard


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