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Hector Berlioz


Hector wrote different types of compositions. Such as, operas, symphonies, choral music, overtures, and cantatas. He worked as a conductor and composer. He brought his music all across Europe, and people loved the sound of his pieces.

When Hector was at medical school in Paris he became very interested in Opera. Later he began taking flute and composition lessons. Hector played the flute, guitar, and flageolet. Since Hector’s parents didn’t support his love for music he had to pay for his own music lessons with his allowance. He knew that he loved music and he wanted to do it for the rest of his life.

Hector Berlioz

Hector Berlioz was born on December 11th in the year 1803. He was born in La Cote-Saint-Andre, Southern France. There he was raised by his father Louis Berlioz, and mother Marie-Antoinette-Josephine. Hector was the eldest of 6 siblings, three of whom died. Hector lived in the Romantic music era. Hector traveled to many places in his lifetime. Some of which include, Russia, Rome, parts of Italy, all over Europe, Germany, and Vienna. Hector passed away in Paris, France on March 8, 1869.

Here is a piece of Hectors music . The name is Les Troyens. It is in the French Grand Opera genre. They music was based on Virgil’s poem Aeneid. It was Berlioz’s most ambitious work. It sounds soft at first but then it gets louder. You hear the main theme a few times throughout the song. An orchestra and woodwinds were used to create this piece. It lasts 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Hector poured a lot of his emotions into this piece, along with many of his other pieces.

During Hector’s lifetime many significant world events were going on. The French revolution, Rise of Napoleon, European revolution, and many more wars and revolutions took place during that era. Before becoming interested in music and composition Hector wanted to study medicine just like his father.

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