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Group 3We think it is in bad condition because it had cobwebs and bug skeletons in it . Also because Great Aunt saw the same dragon when she was a little baby.

Why do youthink the dragon Peter found was in such bad condition?

Group 1Thereasonhy the dragon is in bad condition is because the dragon had no eyes and it had holes and a broken tail and no teeth also a faded face and bu g skeletons.

Group 2The reasons why the dragon is in bad condition is because it was used in alot of Chinese New Year parades.Through the years it lost it eyes and it had holes in the body.jaw was cracked,and the tail was in bad condition.It was called the Last Dragon because nobody took the time to fix it up.

Group 7It was the last dragon and the man in the shop said it was very old dragon.

Group 4We all think it is beacause the dragon was so old and hasnt been used for a parade or aNew Year party and then everyone forgot about it!

Group 6Because it is ancient history, and it is the last dragon, and it's very old and fragile.

Group 5We think that it'sold owner cut off the body and sold them both seperate pieces.



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