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Heather Omori

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3rd Grade and Hale Kula Elementary School On Schofield

Where and what I teach...

Heather Omori

3rd Grade Teachers

Hi my name is Heather Omori and I am from Mililani. I graduated with my masters in Education From University of Hawaii at Manoa. This is my 3rd year teaching at Hale Kula. First two were in 1st grade and this is my first year in 3rd grade.

About Me...

I have used differentiation in my two years of teaching with small groups and student work. Last year I was in an inclusion setting, where I used differentiation often. This year I for see that I will definitely be differetiating my instruction.

I am taking this class because I enjoy taking online classes, I need the credits, and I have never delt with GT students before and I want to learn how to work with them. I have always had an easier time working with students who are lower than grade level standards than those who are higher.

First Day of 3rd Grade

Taking this class because...

In 1st grade they don't do GT testing for students. I have students in 1st grade that were reading and writing at 2/3 grade level. This is the first year that I will be working with GT students.


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