Heat Wave

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Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Damage:~ Extreme heat can affect your health causing swelling, dehydration, and fainting..~ People can suffer heat stroke or heat exhaustion.~ Heat waves can worsen drought conditions, which can be devastating to farmers and crops.

SafetyTips~ Don't do many strenuous activities.~ Wear lightweight and light-colored clothes.~ Drink a lot of water to stay cool.~ Stay in air conditioned areas or always have a fan near by. If outside, don't get too much sun, stay in shade.

How does a heat wave form?~ When high pressure remains strong over an area of high humidity & temperature for several days to weeks, heat waves occur.

What conditions cause a heat wave?~ In a heat wave there is high humidity (moist air), high pressure, and high temperature.

Heat waves can cause blackouts and power outages.

Heat Index:~ A measure of how hot weather feels to the body. During a heat wave the heat index will be very high.

The severe heat of heat waves can affect animal health. So keep pets hydrated and cool.

The North American Heat Wave of 1936 occurred when temperatures reached all-time highs in 12 states, as high as 120-degrees in some regions.

Heat waves are a silent killer, unlike hurricanes or tornadoes they lack high winds. Each year, heat kills at least 650 people on average in the U.S. That's more than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, lightning, or any other weather event combined (according to NOAA).


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