Heat Seeking Missiles

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Heat Seeking Missiles

Heat Seeking Missiles

The Use Of ItThe heat seeking missile was made to shoot at enemies in battles or war. It is also used more than reagular missiles because they seek out thier target and will almost always hit thier target because they follow with Infrared heat(IR) sources.

How it worksThe Heat seeking missiles work by after the thing shoots it, it will create a heat field and the first source of IR in front of it(the target) and then once it senses the target in front of it it follows the target until KA-BOOM!!!

Time They Were InventedThe heat seeking missile was invented in the 1950's and first used in1958 by a national chinese fighter and shot down a red chinese jet. It was invented in the Naval Weapons Center in China Lake, California.

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Heat Seeking Missiles

Where Heat Seeking Missiles Were Invented

Why Do They Use It and WhenPeople use heat seeking missiles to protect thier country from danger like other countries and things that reside outside of the stratosphere or in Earth's atmosphere. People use this as I said in war or major combat. They also use it in testing for how well it works and if it is powerful enough for what is going to happen.

StructureThe structure of a heat seeking misile is the outside metal so that it is sturdy and does not contaminate the inside parts. There is also a heat radar to sense the enemy and follow it. There is the fuel to have it fly and propel it. It also has wires and batteries to power things inside it.


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