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Heat finish

Higher-Order Thinking-Student learning/questioning at Remembering level, Understanding level, Applying levelEngaged Learning-Students report what they have learned only with possible collaboration, solve a teacher-directed problemStudents given options to solve a teacher-directed problem with possible collaborationAuthentic ConnectionsThe learning experience provides no real world application, or represents a group of connectedactivitiesThe learning experience provides limited real world relevanceThe learning experience provides extensive real world relevanceTechnology Use Classroom technology is used only by the teacher Teacher-assigned technology use appears to be an add-on or is not needed for task completion Teacher-assigned classroom technology is used by students in conventional ways for task completion

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1) LoTi Level 2: ExplorationThe instructional focus emphasizes content understanding and supports mastery learning and direct instruction. Digital tools and resources are used by students for extension activities, enrichment exercises, or information gathering assignments that generally reinforce lower cognitive skill development relating to the content under investigation.2)LoTi Level 3: InfusionThe instructional focus emphasizes student higher order thinking and engaged learning. Digital tools and resources are used by students to carry out teacher-directed tasks that emphasize higher levels of student cognitive processing relating to the content under investigation.3)LoTi Level 4a: Integration (Mechanical)Students are engaged in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources. Students use of digital tools and resources is inherent and motivated by the drive to answer studentgenerated questions that dictate the content, process, and products embedded in the learning experience.