[2015] Reyna Bei: Hearts and Hands

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[2015] Reyna Bei: Hearts and Hands

Hearts and Hands By: O Henry

A woman of higher class, Mrs, Fairchild, runs into an old friend, Easton, on a train. We ,the reader, are led to beleive that Easton is a marshal taking a convict to Leavonsworth Prison. The climax of the story occurs when we find out that Easton was no marshal but the convict by passangers on the train discussing the event as the author said ¨Did you ever know a officer to handcuff a prisoner to his left hand?¨ . The real marshal was helping out Easton so he didnt feel like a failure infront of an old friend.


Hearts and Hands has 3 main characters Mrs. Fairchild, Easton, and Mr. Marshal. Gullible is one of the terms that could be used to discribe the protaganist Mrs. Fairchild. Some may discribe Easton as a very acceptional liar considering he convinced both Mrs. Fairchild and the reader he was a marshal and not a counterfeiter. Mr. Marshal is a compationate person because he was so kind as to help out Easton and keep his good name to an old friend.

There is a very relaxed almost casual mood carried through the story. Mainly the story is just a conversation among friends that haven't seen eachother in a while. Up until the plot twist of Easton being the convict is revealed nothing is too offsetting about the encounter.



The underlying message of ¨Hearts and Hands¨ is that things arent always as they appear. The reader is led to believe that Easton is some heroic marshal when in actuality he is a criminal wanted for counterfeiting. In the last sentence of the short story "why-Oh! didn't you catch on? Say-did you ever know an officer to handcuff a prisoner to his right hand?" the reader realizes the plot twist and learns that things aren't always as they appear.

¨Hearts and Hands¨ is told in third person. The reader can tell because the narrator uses pronouns such as they ¨As they passed down the aisle of the coach the only vacant seat offered was a reversed one facing the attractive young woman. Here the linked couple seated themselves.¨ as shown in the second paragraph.

The main conflict is Easton misleading Mrs. Fairchild. Fearing that Mrs. Fairchild will think differently of him Easton has to lie so his reputation isn't ruined. Throughout the entire conversation Easton is being untruthful.





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