[2015] Angela Crisostomo: Hearts and Hands

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[2015] Angela Crisostomo: Hearts and Hands

¨Hearts and Hands¨By O. Henry

The main conflict for the main character Miss Fairchild is that she is frightened by the two suspicious/trouble making passengers that are seating by her, which actually was one of her friends from the west handcuffed to his ¨prisoner.¨ The plot, or the main events in the story, is that one glum-faced man and one handsome well-dressed man join MIss Fairchild inside the coaches handcuffed together. After, she realizes that the handsome man is one of her western friends,Easton, they briefly talk, where he and the other passenger explains that the glum-faced man is his prisoner and that he is a marshall. After the men leave together, two other passengers chat about the two handcuffed man when Miss Fairchild over hear one of the passengers say that Easton was actually the prisoner and that the other man was the marshall.

¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ and ¨Hearts and Hands¨ both end with a plot twist. In ¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ the plot twist was the main character turning himself in by telling the police officers that he had murdered the old man, in ¨Hearts and Hands¨ Easton is actually the prisoner and the other man is the marshall because Easton’s right hand was handcuffed to the marshall’s left hand. A common thing that both stories have is that both ¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ and ¨Hearts and Hands¨ have very few characters.¨ In ¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ there are only 5 characters and in ¨Hearts and Hands¨ there are 5 characters as well.¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ and ¨Hearts and Hands¨ have different main characters. In ¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ the man character is a crazy man who has a disease. In ¨Hearts and Hands¨ the main character is a rich woman who is very proper and has manners. Also, another thing that makes these stories differ from each other, is that they are told in different point of views. In ¨The Tell-Tale Heart¨ the story is told from first point of view where the readers get to experience the man talk about how he is not crazy and that he ends up killing an old man. The reader can tell that this story is written in first point of view is because it contains the narrator’s thoughts and uses words such as ¨I¨ and contains his thoughts. An example of this is when the narrator says,¨ I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! yes, it was this!¨ In ¨Hearts and Hands¨ the story is written in third person point of view where the narrator is not part of the story. An example of this is when the narrator says,¨ He slightly raised his right hand, bound at the wrist by the shining "bracelet" to the left one of his companion. The glad look in the girl's eyes slowly changed to a bewildered horror.¨

The theme of the story is to look farther than appearance or in a more popular phrase, not to judge a book by its cover. The story proves that reality is different than how appearances make it seem. This is proven when Miss Fairchild thought that the handsome and bold manner was the marshal and that the glum-faced person and was roughly dress was the prisoner.This is why when one passenger said, "why--Oh! didn't you catch on? Say--did you ever know an officer to handcuff a prisoner to his right hand?" the other passengers were shocked.

The mood of the story is reunion. I think this is the mood because Miss Fairchild gets to see an old friend unexpectedly, Easton. After Miss Fairchild realizes it’s Easton, Easton and ¨his prisoner¨ quickly explains that he is handcuffed to a prisoner and he is a marshall now.



Plot & Main Conflict

Compare & Contrast

Point of View

This story is written in third person point of view. Third person point of view is not being told by one of the characters view (using I and including only their own thoughts) whether is being told from a narrator that is not part of the story. An example would be when the narrator said,¨ As they passed down the aisle of the coach the only vacant seat offered was a reversed one facing the attractive young woman. Here the linked couple seated themselves.¨ I think the author did it this way so the readers can see the story from their own point of view and have their own thoughts. Also the readers can make predictions about what is about to happen.

Although this is a short story that has very few characters, the main characters are Miss Fairchild, Easton, and the ¨glum faced man.¨ The readers don’t actually know the other man’s name but he is handcuffed to Easton. Miss Fairchild is not observant, confident, and is very proper/ Miss Fairchild is not observant because she automatically thought that Easton was the marshall. If she had seen that his right hand was handcuffed then she would have known that he was the prisoner, but ,instead, overheard the truth from a passenger when he/she said,¨ why--Oh! didn't you catch on? Say--did you ever know an officer to handcuff a prisoner to his right hand?¨ The glum faced man is a considerate man because he lied and said that he was the prisoner and that Easton was the marshal because Easton was embarrassed about it in front of Miss Fairchild. Easton is insecure because he was ashamed in front of one of his friends, Miss Fairchild, from the West.

Main Characters


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