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Major vessels on left side of the heart:Pulmonary Veins- return blood from the lungs to the heart- the only veins that carry oxygenated bloodAorta- brings blood from the heart to the body- largest vessel in the body

Major vessles on right side of the heart:Superior and Inferior Vena Cava - enter the right atriumPulmonary Trunk/Arteries- leave right ventricle and bring blood to the lungs- the only arteries that carry deoxygenated blood

Location and Size:approximately the size of a human fistweighs less than a poundwithin the thorax between the lungsShape:pointy "apex" is directed towards left hipbase (posterosuperior region) points towards right shoulderCoverings:Pericardium is a double-walled "bag" that surrounds the heartvisceral = thin membrane on walls of heartparietal = loosely arranged outer layerserous fluid is secreted by the pericardium and allows heart to beat without friction interference

Walls:Endocardium = thin sheet of tissue on inside of heart wallMyocardium = thick bundles of cardiac muscleEpicardium = the viseral pericardium

Chambers: Atria are the 2 superior, receiving chambers- right atrium receives blood from the body- left atrium receives blood from the lungs

Anatomy of the Heart

Angina Pectoris:terrible pain from the heart not getting enough O2

Ventricles are the 2 inferior, pumping chambers- right ventricle pumps blood to the lungs- left ventricle pumps blood to the body

myocardial infarction:heart attack; heart cells die from lack of O2

Valves: allow blood to flow in only 1 directionAtrioventricular Valves (AV)-between atria and ventricles-right = bicuspid or mitral-left = tricuspidchordae tendinae: "heart strings"; anchor the cusps of the valves to walls of ventriclesSemilunar Valves-in arteries leaving the heart-pulmonary and aortic

Pericarditisinflammation of the pericardium. Results in decreased amount of serous fluid and interference with heart movement.

Cardiac Circulation


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