Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness

Denzel Washington as "Kurtz"I chose Denzel Washington as the role Kurtz because in the book Kurtz plays a role as a very intelectual man in the world due to his place in the ivory trade. Kurtz is not only intelectual yet he is very mysterious. He often will go on an adventure for ivory in the woods and return weeks later. He likes to be alone in whatever he is doing. I based Denzel from his movie "The Book of Eli". Denzel plays a traveler who after doomsday has the only remaining bible in the world.

However, the book is written in brail. And even though Denzel is not blind, he is smart enough to read it. Similar to Kurtz, he loikes to travel on his own and has been doing it ever since doomsday. They are both intelectuals and both of them like to be mysterious and alone in their travels and their affairs.

Will Smith as "Marlow"I chose Will Smith for this part because Marlow is a philosophic, independent-minded, master storyteller who can draw anyone into their story. Marlow throughout the whole novel is telling the members on his ship about the story where he had gone to search out for the ivory trading agent Kurtz in his first steamboat trip. He engulfs his whole crew into this marvelous story about his trail down the amazon where he got stuck and meeting this legend of a trade agent. Marlow was quite philosophic

throughout the whole novel with his steamboat breaking down, the attacks on the natives, and his overall feelings on the other charachters. I based Will Smith as Marlow off of the movie the Pursuit of Happyness. In this movie, Will is the father of a son and is having difficulties to uphold his relationship with his family due to his job not bringing in any money. He fell into the trap of selling technology that eventually went out. He was philisophic throught the whole movie with his money and the realization that he has no money. Also thought the movie Will captures the audience with his heart wrenching story of him being poor and not being able to provide for not only himself but first of all his family.

Heart of DarknessBy: Joseph Conrad



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