Heart disease

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Human Anatomy

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Heart disease

Author: Arundathi


Coronary Heart DiseaseThis is a sympton with the blood vessels that deliver blood to the heart muscle. If these blood vessels get very small, or if they become blocked, blood cannot flow through them normally. Since less blood is supplied to the heart muscle the muscle cannot work at normal capacity. The heart muscle can become sick and weak.

Bad Heart RhythmsThis is a problem with electrical activity in the heart. This can make the heart beat too fast or too slow. Very bad heart rhythms may make the heart stop pumping blood. The heart needs a normal rhythm to pump the blood well.

Congestive Heart FailureThis is a condition that means that the heart is not pumping at normal levels. Two common causes are a weak or sick heart muscle and the other is abnormal heart valves. The valves may not let enough blood through because they are too narrowed. Or the valve may "leak" and let blood flow backwards (the wrong direction) inside the heart.


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