Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest

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Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest

How does it happen?*When the heart "breaksdown" or malfunctions.*The heart stops beating.*Caused by an electrical malfuntion, leading to irregular heartbeats known as arrhythmia. *Disfunctional pumping no longer pumps blood to the brain & organs.

What can you do?*If you see the victim is having difficulties, call 9-11. *Call EMS staff service for faster treatment.

How does it happen?* When the blood flow to the heart becomes restricted.*Blocked arteries no longer provide oxygen to the parts of the heart.*If arteries remain closed for a long time, those certain parts of the heart will stop working.

What can you do? *Act fast and cool. *Call 9-11!*Start performing CPR.*Use an Automated External Defribillator (AED) if it is available.

What happens? *Cardiac arrest can happen within seconds.*The patient becomes unresponsive.*Patiens has no breath or only gasps.*If the person does not get inmediate treatment, he or she can die.

Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack

What happens?*Heart attacks produces severe chest and upper body pain.*Shortness of breath.*Patients experience nauses or vomiting.*Symptoms start gentle and increase as time passes by.*Symptoms may stay for days and even weeks.

Marilyn Moran Emergency Clinical Care: P 4&5


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