Heart Attacks

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Heart Attacks

Heart Attacks

Overview of the System



Description of Disease


A heart attack is caused by blood clots. It can result of a really bad coronary artery disease. Some people have symptoms days or even weeks before the attack. Some examples of symptoms include: uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness, pain in chest for more than 30 minutes, lightheadness, fainting, nausea, trouble breathing, sweating, chest dicomfort, pain in jaw, shoulders, arms, and neck.

Circulatory System involves blood vessels, blood, and the heart. This system circulates blood into the whole body. It carries needed materials to the body cells; carries wasted away from the body cells. The first loop is when blood travels from the heart to the lungs and travels back to the heart again. The second loop is when blood is pumped from the heart through the body and then goes back to the heart again. Another name for the cirulatory system is the cardiovacular system.

Emergency care can diagnois a heart attack just by seeing the paintent. They check things like heartrate, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, and blood sample. The electrocardiogram test sows any damage in the heart. A damaged heart shows up with a different electrical patteren than a normal heart. Blood tests can tell you if the panient has a leak of cardia enzymes.

If you have a heart attack you need to restore blood flow, relieve pain, get oxygen to your heart, prevent complications, use CPR if needed to keep breathing and heart beating. All treatment should given immediantley after having a heart attack. Electric shock restores the heart beat back to normal. After a heart attack surgery might be needed. Yoga or other excresises helps reduce stress after a heart attack. After having heart attack you should not do activitys that can trigger a hear attack. For an example, smoking and lack of excersise.

Having a heart attack can cause death or being permntley disabled. Depending on exactly where the blockage is that will tell you how bad the damage is. If the blockage occurs in the right coronary it isnt as bad or serious as if the blockage was in the left coronary. If an arrhythmia is caused and irregular heartbeat sudden death wil occur. 10% of people die at the hospital. 27% men and 44% women die after the hospital. After 6 years 23% men and 31% women have another heart attack. Lastly, 13% men and 6% women die right way.

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When having a heart attack some people describe the pain as intense, crushing, pressure. For some people pain shoots down one arm as well. A heart attack needs immidate help or else the person may die suddenly. This diesease is a sudden event. Heart attacks happen when an artery get blocked suddenly by a blood clot. Once the artery is blocked there is not enough oxygen going to the heart.The longer the artery is blocked the more damage is done to the heart. Once the heart cannot get oxygen it stops pumping blood, causing a heart attack.The blood suply to the heart muscle get unattached. When a large part of the muscle gets damaged the heart can now never beat, causing you to die. Some heart attacks are called "silent heart attacks". During this attack you cannot feel anything, and you are not aware of the situation. Your heart is still damaged, but you feel no pain.

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Definition : "A heart attack is the death of or damage to heart muscle becuase the supply of blood to the heart is severley restricted or blocked. Also called myocardial infartions."

This man's dog, Alex, saved his life after having 4 heart attacks.

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