Heart Attack

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Heart Attack

Blood is blocked in the coronary artery, and cannot get to the heart. This happens suddenly, and muscles in the heart die as a result.

Asprin, thrombolytics, and antiplatelet agents are used to reduce clotting. Pain relievers reduce pain. Beta Blockers reduce blood pressure, so that the heart can work less, and save tissue. A coronary angioplasty and stinting may be performed. Blood from your leg or groin is used to bypass the blockage, and a balloon is used to destroy the block. A stint will keep the artery open. Later a bypass surgery may be needed to make sure that blood is supplied to the muscles besides through the coronary artery.


What is it?

Heart Attacks are caused by the build up of cholesterol or other substance until it completely blocks blood flow, or a spasm in the coronary artery blocks the blood. Illegal drugs can cause a heart attack as well. A healthy lifestyle can help prevent a heart attack, and if you are prone to heart attack, such as people with Coronary Artery Disease, there are medicines to help.

Causes and Prevention

Heart Attack can be prevented with medicine, but a healthy lifestyle is important to keeping your heart working properly. Eat balanced meals, excercise, reduce stress, don't smoke, and watch your blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol.You may be at risk if: you are above the age of 50, have diabetes, smoke, have high blood pressure, high cholestoral, or have a family history of heart attacks.





There is a heart attack every 43 seconds in the U.S.

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Heart Attack


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