Hearing Impairment

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Hearing Impairment

Nine to ten children who are born deaf have hearing parents. (Miller 147)

Two to three children, out of one thousand, in the United States are born deaf or hard of hearing according to the Gallaudet Research Institute 2010. (Miller 147)

When hearing loss is identified while children are still infants, they are able to learn to communicate more easily than those whose hearing loss is identified later. (Miller 147)

Many deaf, hard of hearing, and late deafened people dont like to be called "impaired."(Miller 147)

Nearly 10% of human beings have some form of hearing loss. (Miller 147)

Hearing Impairment

The term "hearing impaired" is a term used to describe people with who are hard of hearing, or have no hearing. (Miller 147)

I would use the tips from the video above to accommodate children with hearing impairments. I'd also include the parents as much as possible. I'd also be thrilled to learn some sign language. I've always wanted to learn.



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