Hearing Between the Lines

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Hearing Between the Lines

Hearing Between the Lines

Comparison between John Elton's "Rocket Man", and Chris Hadfield's "Is Somebody Singing".






Apollo 13

Space is now a dangerous place, that some people feel no one should go to.

Apollo 13 is the first major incident in space. Although no one was hurt, a nation was shooked.

Elton John gave a astronauts emotions, and made them human, so they are easier to understand.

Space is now a united place, but back on earth, conflicts still arises on earth.

Chris Hadfield wanted to bring the unity of space back to earth, so we can all enjoy it

We are all toghether. And if we stay toghether, we can create unity on earth.

This song was written when Elton John's career was just taking off, and he would probably have felt a bit like he was in space because of his success

Chris Hadfield was already well known, both amoung the astronauts, and on earth, through a series of videos he made documenting life in space. And he feel like he should use this popularity to make a statement.

Rocket Man

Is Somebody Singing


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