Healthy pregnancy

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Healthy pregnancy

Diet is very important during pregnancy. You should eat fooods from all four food groups. Such as dairy (milk and cheese), fruits and vegetables (apples, oranges, brocoli and carrots), meats and alternatives (cooked eggs, cooked chicken, cooked salmon and kidney beans) and grains (whole wheat bread/pasta, and brown rice).

Regular excercise throughout your pregnancy can hep you stay healthy and make you feel good. It will help your posture and prevent backaches. It can also prevent diabetes that can develop during pregnancy. It can relieve stress and build more strength needed for labour and delivery. Some good ways of exercising is yoga, walking and swimming.

Healthy Pregnancy



SmokingSmoking is very bad for your baby. It lowers the amount of oxygen to the growing baby. It increases the babies heartrate. Increases the risk of miscarriage or stillbirth. Increases the risk of lung problems. AlcoholEven one drink is bad for the baby. It can lead to behaviour problems. It can lead to low birth rate. Alcohol can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which effects intelligence, physical, hearing and behaviour.







Prenatal Care

Everyday stress is not harmful to the baby but has a bigger impact on the mother. The pregnant mom can experience headaches, sleep problems, digestive problems and high blood pressure. Exercise is a good way to reduce stress.

Begin taking a multi-vitamin with folic acid. Have a checkup with your family doctor and discuss any questions or concerns. (I.E. medication that may have to change)

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- No raw seafood like sushi- No large fish which may contain large levels of mercury- No raw liver- Don't eat any undercooked meat or eggs- Reduce caffiene to one drink a day


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